Asking the Interviewer

Being inquisitive during an interview will help you in taking the right decision for both career enhancement and handling work pressure. Job seekers these days make additional preparations for answering interview questions forgetting that questions can be asked to the interviewer too. Asking the right questions can place you in a positive side; increasing chances of the job offer. This also shows your personal interest towards the position as it reinforces your seriousness as a candidate and your curiosity towards the organization. This act also gives you an insight into whether the role is a good fit; aligning with the career goals.

When asked by the interviewer “Do you have any questions?”, consider it as a perfect opportunity to gain information about the position or company. Ask questions keeping in mind the discussions held during the interview.

It is very important to prepare in advance the questions you would like to ask an interviewer. The quality of questions asked reflect greatly on your capabilities. In no case should you be asking “non-serious questions” like work timings, number of holidays per year etc. The questions have to be serious and related to the overall organization, its culture, job-profile related etc. Also, you need to pay total attention and concentration to the interview discussions to avoid question/s that have already been clarified during the entire interview session.

Asking questions doesn’t mean you don’t know your job, asking questions means you want to improve the quality of your work. – Robert Allen

While preparing the list of questions, focus on the 6 Ws viz. What, When, Where, Why, Who, and ho’W’. During an interview, one should consider asking the interviewer the below mentioned types of questions.

What is the company’s culture like?

When you’ve acquired a new opportunity in a new company, it is important to have a detailed understanding of the targetted role and the team you will be working for. Showing your interest is a positive approach and employers are eager to hire professionals who are keen in participating with fellow colleagues and managers. This is one of the important questions to ask as it shows your interest and care about your work place.

How is performance measured?

Performance is measured differently at every organization. Employers seek individuals who are results-oriented and motivated towards the job/task allotted. When it comes to judging your performance you need to know whether your performance will be measured solely or on net contributions hence, questions regarding performance measurements need to be asked.

What training opportunities do you offer?

This question highlights on your keen interest in advancing your skills thereby adding value to yourself and the organization. It also shows your interest in learning more in order to advance the skills acquired in a particular role.

Does the company believe in job role rotation?

This is a very important question you need to ask so as to know your further growth/location. Job roles may keep changing as per the requirements, but it should match your skill-set. If the role is in the same function or different to acquire a larger exposure, then accepting the same would be a better idea.

What type of career-planning does the organization have for its employees?

This question when asked emphasizes one’s determination to make progress while keeping the company position firm over the long run.