Every search assignment is unique for us

Our experienced consultants have long successful careers in the recruitment industry/industries they represent and bring an invaluable depth of experience & insight and use their knowledge, skills, discretion and judgment to ensure the optimum shortlist for every position.

Our Headhunting process consists of an exhaustive, well-tested and proven methodology as follows:

Contractual Agreement

Before any engagement, a Contractual Agreement will take place between both parties, stipulating the applicable conditions whenever a client decides to hire any candidates presented by ASCENT.

Defining the candidate

Client’s distinctive needs, role analysis, and an in-depth understanding of the corporate culture helps us to define the nature of the ideal candidate, the required skills set, behavioural attributes and experience, further underscored by location, geography and the nature of the business.

Strategy of recruitment

When you work with ASCENT, you will be allocated a dedicated recruitment consultant who acts as an account manager and makes every effort to fully understand your organisation and requirements. Maintaining one point of contact ensures ease and consistency. The consultant will keep you informed throughout the recruitment process and will offer advice and suggestions as required.

Screening of candidates

A series of face-face interviews enables us to rigorously assess the talent, experience, suitability and fit. We then act on the company’s mandate and educate the candidate about the company, the position and its responsibilities, and the scope it affords for personal advancement.

Client/Candidate Interviewing

We prepare the client and candidate for productive interviews and complete reference checks for the leading candidates of merit. We also build goodwill with those candidates that are out of the final loop.

Securing the best candidate

We facilitate the last interview process with the final candidate and work with the client on a closing strategy, which we execute to secure the best candidate.

Offer negotiation

Our experienced head hunters are fully capable of managing the final negotiation process by presenting the offer to the selected candidate, in case our clients wish us to do so and facilitate acceptance of the offer to conclude recruitment.


Once selected, we work closely with both the client and the candidate to ensure they are integrated quickly & effectively into the organization.